We use creative and engaging workshops to both gather information and encourage public ownership of the project. We pride ourselves in providing workshops which allow qualitative reportage and captivation.










Denny Design Charrette Workshops


Working as part of the Nick Wright Planning Team to deliver stakeholder engagement shaping the district plan for the Sauchiehall and Garnethill area of Glasgow. Community design workshop and development of action plan for Denny Town Centre Regeneration In response to extensive community engagement led by icecream architecture in Denny for the development of the Denny Public Art Plan, an application was made in partnership with Falkirk Council to the Scottish Government National Charrette Mainstreaming Program. To use the Charrette workshop framework as a stepping stone for realising the communities aspirations for their Town Centre. 


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Balgrayhill Community Centre Community Consultation


icecream architecture have been working on behalf of the team at MsMissMrs CIC to understand local needs and aspirations for the Balgrayhill Community Centre (Springburn, Glasgow) with the aim of re-activating the local community to enfranchise and get the most out of the facility.Through a series of events, workshops and on-street engagement, the project aims to test ideas around how the local community would like to see the centre best used. Throughout the project the team will identify a body of local people driven to developing the centre in the future, facilitating the Community Asset Transfer of Balgrayhill Community Centre from the current management of Glasgow Life.. 


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Sauchiehall Regeneration


Working as part of the Nick Wright Planning Team to deliver stakeholder engagement shaping the district plan for the Sauchiehall and Garnethill area of Glasgow. Over the next ten years, Glasgow City Council have an ambition to make the city a more people friendly place. To make this happen, they have commissioned a team led by Gehl Architects and Nick Wright Planning to develop a regeneration strategy for the next decade. The first part of the city centre to benefit will be around Sauchiehall Street, Garnethill and Charing Cross - a vibrant mix of nightlife, arts, shopping, flats, schools and colleges, which aims to be even better and more lively than it is now. icecream architecture have formed part of a wider team focussed on public engagement, reaching out to residents, businesses, institutions, and visitors of the district, with the aim of activating people and spaces in order to kickstart the regeneration. A series of focussed workshops have been carried out, defining the district as it is today, and highlighting the ambition for the future


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Glasgow Museums 


Through a series of public events and focussed sessions, icecream architecture gathered citywide opinions and perceptions about Glasgow Museums venues. To ensure they are consistently offering the best experiences for all visitors, Glasgow Museums commissioned icecream architecture to use their experience of creative public engagements to explore through a series of workshops the audience perceptions of visitors to Glasgow Museums’ venues. The process taken by the research team relied on a methodical, considered series of steps which allowed research participants to enter into a creative space, and ask themselves and each other to explore past experiences, opinions and aspirations of their visits to a Glasgow Museums’ venue. The research approach was split into two phases; awareness raising sessions and focused sessions. 


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