Woodland View Gallery


Working with patients and the local community surrounding Woodland View Hospital to develop and deliver a series of exhibitions in the hospital's new gallery space.

Client: NHS Ayrshire & Arran

Duration: 14 months

As part of the exciting art plan for the new Woodland View Hospital, there is going to be a permanent gallery space created, to host different exhibitions.


For the first year, icecream architecture are working with patients and people from the local community to develop and deliver the content of these exhibitions. A new exhibition will be displayed every 2 months (6 shows in total throughout the next year.) each with a slightly different theme and medium.


We propose to take participants on quite a hands on, playful, tactile journey with the natural environment that surrounds Woodlands View hospital in Ayrshire. We hope to provide new experiences and perhaps ignite memories of previous ones, where landscapes are played in, explored and absorbed a bit. Where the relationship between indoor and outdoor is quite a physical and tangible one, making a connection to positive and important ways that we engage and experience the places around us. From childhood exploration, making mud pies, sledging in snow and racing snails to walking the beach and swimming in the sea.

During the course of the year we shall also be thinking about how the space will run in the future and how local artists and groups can continue to run their own exhibitions.