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In line with our wider ethos, we place people at the heart of our digital work. Used carefully, technology can take a project to the next level. However, we are also aware that non people-centric approaches can be detrimental: adding unnecessary complexity, confusing (and thereby excluding) groups, while often distracting from the main focus of a project.


With this in mind, whether creating standalone products, digital elements within a wider programme or tools for our own use, we design an approach to each project based on several key themes.

Playfulness & Exploration


Introducing multimedia and interactivity into a project can enrich the experience of our audience. We relish the opportunity to experiment with new technologies and push the limits of our experience in search of interesting results. We don’t have a cut-and-paste approach or a go-to tech stack. Each project should be approached on the basis of its unique requirements, identifying the best tools for the job, even if this involves a steep learning curve.

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During community engagement, interactive web and mobile apps expand opportunities for people to engage with a project beyond the limitations of physical spaces and events.

You are Sauchiehall

Community Focus


Our projects generally focus upon the specific nature of a place or community. We recognise the power of creating shared digital spaces in which users can feel personally invested, initiate connections with others and see the dynamism and character of their community reflected back at them.


Civic Data

User-generated data can be a powerful resource if used appropriately. While respecting users privacy and integrity, our digital tools can provide a collection point for data that is leveraged for the benefit of the community. This includes objective data analysed statistically and qualitative responses in the form of comments or conversations.


User Experience

We aim to create focussed and effective User Experiences that are easy to navigate and understand. No one wants more unnecessary screen time.



We emphasise accessibility and inclusivity so that users of all ages and abilities can feel comfortable taking part.


We have experience delivering bespoke community sharing platforms, engaging and attractive websites, Android and iOS apps and content-management systems for a range of clients and applications. We’re always up for trying something new.


Our multidisciplinary team operate at every stage of the development lifecycle: engaging with clients and potential user groups to capture requirements, designing brands and user experiences, developing the software, conducting testing with users and promoting the finished product. We can also provide training for users and manage your website or app once its out in the wild, providing maintenance and data insights to ensure its successful operation into the future.