Weathering Change



Design and fabrication of a portable unit to aid the consultation of Weathering Change; an active research project investigating communities in North Glasgow’s relationship to climate resilience and steps which should be taken to prepare communities


Client: Glasgow Centre for Population Health

Duration: 5 months

Icecream were commissioned to design an engagement strategy and toolkit for a research project to understand the awareness of climate change and the resilience in communities across north Glasgow.  After initial co-design workshops with the client, icecream proposed a portable stall to create visibility which was decked out with intriguing toolkit and mechanisms to gather data for the project.  Working with the client, the team rebranded the project to ‘Whatever the Weather’ in order to present a positive, resilient community in the face of climate change. The branding seeks to encourage the community to take an active role in combatting the future risks which are presented to us in the face of extreme or unpredictable weather.

The stall was prototyped into a rickshaw which could carry people between destinations and also be converted into a table when stopping in areas for longer periods of time. All elements of the cart were made of lightweight recycled fabrics and materials. The team worked with local craftsman and fabricator Martin Campbell to construct the cart. icecream produced a textile quilt map to point out areas of environmental interest and reuseable tote-bags with recipes and information cards were provided by North Glasgow Food Growing Initiative which acted as a prompt to open discussions about issues around food, growing and waste.  In the spirit of sustainability, the rickshaw is now actively being used by a north Glasgow cycling charity, Freewheel North.