We use innovative mechanisms and tools to engage the public. These tools ensure interaction from the community and promote visibility for the project. Focussed workshops allow a space to discuss and gather information but also attract core members and organisations in the community to raise awareness and understanding of the project. 










You Are Sauchiehall, Sauchiehall St Regeneration 


Through a series of public events and focussed sessions, icecream architecture gathered citywide opinions and perceptions about Glasgow Museums venues. The research approach was split into two phases; awareness raising sessions and focused sessions. The former relied on setting up on-street workshops in busy public spaces to collect the opinions of Glasgow on a city wide basis. The second stage of research used a co-design process to work with groups of research participants on the creation of new designs for displays within Glasgow Museums’ venues. Working with groups of families, young people and adults has allowed our research team to answer four key questions through on-street conversations, interviews and discussion during workshops  


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Musselburgh Public Art Dabbling Project


The core aim of the project was to develop and build informed discussions with the people of Musselburgh in order to define what the key themes for meaningful public art in Musselburgh should be. Through a series of workshops, activities, inspirational speakers, explorative walks, ideas testing, sharing and critical discussion, the project has provided an accessible platform for local people to gain a broader insight and understanding into the potential for future public art, and to map possible locations within the town. 


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somewhere to_


icecream architecture has been delivering somewhereto_ as the regional coordinator for Scotland since 2011. somewhereto_ is a Big Lottery funded initiative that opens spaces and buildings for young people aged 16-25 to do the things they love in sports, arts and culture. As regional coordinator, icecream promotes and represents somewhereto_ on a regional level at events and various opportunities whilst also delivering a calendar of events that encourage young people to take part. The role includes the maintenance of an online presence through the central site and additional social networking platforms.


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Only in Govan


Engagement, aspiration and design project resulting in the publication of a widely distributed book created by local networks and people of Govan. This book is an interactive and involving, completely unique document, telling the significant, the forgotten and the inspiring memories of Govan. The book shows off the local secrets and details, which make this a place to be proud of. It exists both as a digital document and as 4,000 beautiful hard copies distributed to homes and households in Govan for free. The book was launched at the infamous Govan Fair on June 6th 2014. 


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