The Rope Factory


Interactive installation for ‘Year to Go’ Commonwealth celebrations Design and development of an interactive installation to engage the public in the arrival of the Commonwealth Games to Glasgow


Client: Glasgow Life

Duration: 3 Months


icecream architecture were commissioned by Glasgow Life Arts and Music to deliver an installation in Glasgow for the Merchant City Festival ‘one year to go’ celebrations for the Commonwealth Games .


The piece was imagined to actively entice participants on an exploration of the many countries that make up the Commonwealth. Throughout its creation, a tight team of ‘knotters’ worked and laughed tirelessly for over a month, sharing many tales of their home countries and the experiences that paved their varying routes to Glasgow.


When installed at the Merchant City Festival 2013, it became a hive of energy and discussion, with one young participant proclaiming to her mother, “See ya later; I’m aff to Sierra Leone.” The precursor to the event was a series of events that saw local and international communities being pulled together to share stories and weave a net from a rope. Using a common project to

connect communities that would often not cross paths.

After completion, the Rope Factory was chosen for the RSA Architecture Open and a segment of the overall piece was exhibited at the RSA in Edinburgh.