We undertake action based research creating bespoke lines of questioning and effective tools to capture facts, anecdotes and wee gems of information to bring research topics to life. To encourage interaction and test theories either from the team or from out-with, icecream implements a strategy of ‘research by doing’ where research is tested and enhanced by creating events and interventions.










Open Source Stirling


Through Beyond The Finish Line was set up to mobilise young people to regenerate their local areas whilst harnessing the momentum of the Commonwealth Games. In a bid to empower the city’s brightest young entrepreneurs, icecream architecture’s multidisciplinary design team worked closely with clients, Firstport, to devise a structured, reactive business supportprogramme.The team created a strong brand identity and transformed a disused retail unit into a versatile incubator and vibrant events space. Participants had direct access to the design team to enhance their own projects including the graphic design of several brand identities.   


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NFU Mutual




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PDI Designing a Blueprint for a tool to aid Young People with Parents in Recovery


In 2015 we carried out a body of research in order to design a blueprint for a tool to aid young people with parents in recovery from alcohol and substance abuse. Through a series of workshops with a focus group of young people, we carried out tests in order to gather information i) on what the tool should be ii) how it should work iii) how it should look. The research gathered allowed us to create detailed workflows, content and design.  


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