We use public art and public interventions which change our social landscape. Our artists and designers use tools and creative thinking to engage the public. 









The Rope Factory


icecream architecture were commissioned by Glasgow Life Arts and Music to deliver an installation in Glasgow for the Merchant City Festival ‘one year to go’ celebrations for the Commonwealth Games .The piece was imagined to actively entice participants on an exploration of the many countries that make up the Commonwealth. Throughout its creation, a tight team of ‘knotters’ worked and laughed tirelessly for over a month, sharing many tales of their home countries and the experiences that paved their varying routes to Glasgow.  


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Inverclyde Lighthouse Roadshow


In Autumn 2015 icecream architecture took to the road with a handmade 5 foot Lighthouse on a tricycle. The roadshow was part of a larger project to create an arts strategy for Inverclyde. The light house was used to gather visibility for the project and to begin conversations with people. Through October Novemeber and December of 2015 it was left in various locations around Inverclyde to gather intrigue. 


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Musselburgh Public Art Dabbling Project 


East Lothian Council’s Arts Service recently appointed icecream architecture to develop a series of creative conversations and workshops with local people in Musselburgh surrounding plans for the design and installation of public art in the town, funded by Tesco Ltd as part of East Lothian Council’s percent for art policy. The core aim of the project was to develop and build informed discussions with the people of Musselburgh in order to define what the key themes for meaningful public art in Musselburgh should be. Through a series of workshops, activities, inspirational speakers, explorative walks, ideas testing, sharing and critical discussion, the project has provided an accessible platform for local people to gain a broader insight and understanding into the potential for future public art, and to map possible locations within the town.


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Denny Design Charrette Mural


In November 2013, icecream architecture were appointed by Falkirk Community Trust, to create a Public Art Strategy for Denny town centre and the new town square. To work with the community to explore creative potential and a vision for public art in Denny.


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Artworks Scotland


icecream architecture has facilitated a research and engagement exercise for Creative Scotland and ArtWorks Scotland in order to shed light on the role of artists working in participatory settings. icecream architecture developed three interactive tools that correlated with three prescribed lines of inquiry. The tools were introduced to participants throughout a day's conference, with icecream architecture on-hand to encourage participants involvement and expand the line of enquiry. A report of facts and findings has been finally produced to conveys the results in a quantitative and infographic format.


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