Open Source Stirling


Developing a new partnership model for creative industry in Stirling as a mechanism for improving identity, connectivity and economic benefit for Stirling.


Partner: ArtLink Central, Creative Stirling

Duration: 1 Year


Open Source Stirling used resource mapping processes, a public engagement programme and community participation to create an asset for the community which is helping to define new directions for culture in Stirling.


Openness, transparency and local ownership have been the focus of this project from the beginning with many local artists contributing by running workshops and creative interventions. “Cultural Mapping” techniques were used to collate a diverse directory of individuals and organisations working within this sector throughout the Stirling area.


The resulting digital platform and engagement programme has catalysed the formation of a “Cultural Collective”, This grassroots group consisting of local artists, local authorities and businesses, meet regularly to discuss a future cultural strategy for Stirling. One of our intentions from the launch of the project was to create an effective mechanism which can be used by the community to establish a transparent channel of communication with local authorities, playing a greater role in their own development.