Only in Govan

Outline: Engagement, aspiration and design project resulting in the publication of a widely distributed book created by local networks and people of Govan.


Client: Govan Cross Townscape Heritage Initiative

Duration: 9 Months


Govan Cross Townscape Heritage Initiative (THI) commissioned icecream architecture to create this book over nine months, working entirely with local input and inspiration.


Hannah Brackston, icecream architecture project Lead and locally based environmental artist captured stories and memories from people both young and old, from new comers to indigenous Govanites, sharing skills and ideas which make us think outside the box about this book! The team worked with local photographers and the final publication was designed by Paul McDonald, icecream architecture Graphic Designer.

This book is an interactive and involving, completely unique document, telling the significant, the forgotten and the inspiring memories of Govan. The book shows off the local secrets and details, which make this a place to be proud of. It exists both as a digital document and as 4,000 beautiful hard copies distributed to homes and households in Govan for free. The book was launched at the infamous Govan Fair on June 6th 2014.