NFU Internal Communications Strategy


Working with two NFU direct sites to look at physical interventions to enhance internal communications amongst team and staff that aligns with the current business strategy.


Client: National Farmers Union Mutual Direct

Duration: 3 Months


National Farmers Union (NFU) Mutual Direct had identified issues within their communications system so contracted icecream architecture to develop an interactive communications wall.


Working closely with NFU employees, icecream architecture facilitated inclusive design workshops split into three stages, scoping, prototyping and collation. Over three consecutive weeks, collaborative workshops built on research and ideas collected during the previous week’s actions allowing employees the opportunity to design solutions to their own challenges.

Taking a user focused, evidence based approach allows us to build up considerable knowledge base around issues such as company communications procedures, internal work flow systems and terminology. Synthesising this data allowed us to map out the existing communications infrastructure and identify gaps or frictions in the flow of information.

This data was then used to develop recommendations for a lean, streamlined processes contributing to a more efficient system and communications strategy.