Moffat and Beattock Community Action Plans

icecream architecture worked in collaboration with Nick Wright Planning and Willie Miller Urban Design throughout the Summer 2016 to develop an Action Plan for the communities of Moffat and Beattock in Dumfries and Galloway.


icecream architecture delivered a series of engagement activities which aimed to identify the aspirations of both communities. To achieve this the team utilised the Scottish Government Place Standard Tool, creating a large scale gala-sized version of the tool in order to facilitate and provide a basis for having a deeper conversation with local residents and visitors. Alongside these on-street activities, icecream architecture utilised Facebook to prompt online conversations with local residents both with the project team as well as enabling new connections between community members to form, providing the stepping stones for projects to develop and actions to follow.    

The resultant plan contains a series of actions and proposals to improve Moffat and Beattock, set within a long term vision and framework for each community. As well as being an agenda for the future of each community, the Community Action Plan is a ‘sales pitch’ that the communities can use to attract money or support. Although preparation of the Plan was triggered by the need to be ready to tap into likely ‘community benefit’ funding from wind farms, many of the ideas ultimately included in the Plan might not be about money, but about what kind of community you want in the future.