Make Your Way


Development of a series of new urban trails including the design and development of installation based artworks and wayfinding exploring arts and heritage throughout South Lanarkshire.



Clyde and Avon Valley Landscape Partnership

Duration: 3 years


Icecream architecture led the flagship Make Your Way project on behalf of the Clyde and Avon Landscape Partnership, which developed over 25 active travel trails along with maps and artwork installations that encourage people to not only explore the trails but the arts and heritage of the place. 


To support the development of the trails, we devised and implemented a diverse programme that engaged the public, various groups and over 600 primary school children, utilising a creative, playful approach of workshops designed to get people noticing their local area afresh, exploring routes that they had previously never visited, or been cautious about using.


These workshops featured ready made periscopes, allowing children and adults to look at things in a new way or way-tagging, where local pupils used chalk spray paint to enliven the nearby braes with their own designs. The experience and information garnered from the workshop programme was then used to establish the different active travel trails and supporting wayfinding on the ground. 

MakeYourWay  - Glassford - PublicPerisco
MakeYourWay - Robert Smillie Primary Sch