Bellahouston Worms2

Grounds for Play


Outline: A public project to make a new playful artwork for the House for an Art Lover ‘Grounds for Play’ space, in Bellahouston Park, Glasgow.

Client: House for an Art Lover

Duration: 2 years

The Worms sculpture was designed by icecream architecture in response to a series of artist-led workshops and design sessions with pupils from local primary schools and Cardonald College, in celebration of the 2017 Scottish themed year of ‘History, Heritage and Archaeology’. It was inspired by the children's drawings for helterskelters made from millipedes, their sheer excitement at discovering creatures living underground and the importance recognised by people of all ages for play to present challenges and require imagination.

Groups of schoolchildren explored, collected and created narratives for all the things they found in the soil, from the rock that ‘might have been a long lost diamond’ to the ‘giant worms living in their underground castles’. Art and Design students were invited to create their own self -led projects responding to the theme and inspired by the childrens finds and stories. These initially came together to form a simple exhibition in the ART Sheds at House for an Art Lover for Glasgow ‘Doors Open Day’ - where a weekend of conversations about ‘the importance of play’ were had with members of the public in response to the show. The resulting sculpture is designed to offer non descriptive play, encouraging challenge and spontaneity in terms of how it can be interacted with.

Bellahouston Worms