Glasgow Museums 

Audience Analysis

Outline: Through a series of public events and focussed sessions, icecream architecture gathered citywide opinions and perceptions about Glasgow Museums venues.


Client: Glasgow Museums

Duration: 6 Months


To ensure they are consistently offering the best experiences for all visitors, Glasgow Museums commissioned icecream architecture to use their experience of creative public engagements to explore through a series of workshops the audience perceptions of visitors to Glasgow Museums’ venues.


The process taken by the research team relied on a methodical, considered series of steps which allowed research participants to enter into a creative space, and ask themselves and each other to explore past experiences, opinions and aspirations of their visits to a Glasgow Museums’ venue.


The research approach was split into two phases; awareness raising sessions and focused sessions. The former relied on setting up on-street workshops in busy public spaces to collect the opinions of Glasgow on a city wide basis. These events explored the general perceptions of Glasgow Museums’ current offering, as held by the residents and visitors of Glasgow.

The second stage of research used a co-design process to work with groups of research participants on the creation of new designs for displays within Glasgow Museums’ venues. Working with groups of families, young people and adults has allowed our research team to answer four key questions through on-street conversations, interviews and discussion during workshops.