Glasgow Avenues


Engaging communities with ongoing design work that will transform the city centre’s public realm to making it more attractive, people-friendly and economically competitive.


Client: Glasgow City Council

Duration: Ongoing


The transformation of the ‘Avenues’ is looking to dramatically improve the condition and quality of the city centre environment, putting people at its heart. It will see key Glasgow city-centre streets redesigned to protect and prioritise space for cyclists and pedestrians, improve connectivity, introduce sustainable green infrastructure through attractive streetscapes and enhancing biodiversity, and improve the way that public transport is accommodated.


A series of pop-up public consultations led by icecream architecture in partnership with the engineering design teams - intended to gather people’s opinions on current and proposed urban design and to understand how they want to experience their city - are helping to inform the space allocation and final designs of the targeted streets.


Icecream architecture also designed and fabricated the three pedal-powered mobile engagement ‘vehicles’ for use in on-street consultation events, to display design proposals and information, and to create something of a spectacle to attract the interest of passing members of the public. Engaging people and their imaginations in this way is helping to facilitate positive and constructive discussion about the proposed works, which members of the public are able to come away from feeling involved and empowered to act in the development of their built environment.


“Love this human approach! It’s good to talk!”

“Haven’t ever been asked before - nice to be consulted. Great ideas!”

- Quotes from participants

“This idea of planning is definitely a belter.”