Denny Public Art Strategy


Community consultation and creative strategy for the major development of Denny town centre.


Client: Falkirk Community Trust

Duration: 1 year


In November 2013, icecream architecture were appointed by Falkirk Community Trust, to create a Public Art Strategy for Denny town centre and the new town square. To work with the community to explore creative potential and a vision for public art in Denny.


The town square shall become the focal point of the long awaited regeneration of Denny town centre. Through the process of this Design Strategy, icecream have been running a series of creative consultations and artistic activities to promote creative thinking towards the public space and how it can benefit the people of Denny. We have been running a host of on-street discussions, school workshops and public art interventions to test ideas for the new town square and promote conversation.

The year long project has been delivered in collaboration with the Design Team - responsible for the design of the new public Library and retail units - earmarked for construction in 2015. The outcome of the process has been the development of a framework and local context for public art commissions that could be integrated into the landscaping of the new town square, with further input from local residents and stakeholders. The public art strategy, addresses a vision for public art in Denny, thematic responses and potential opportunities that are aligned to this and a series of strategic objectives, developed in response to community engagement.