We use innovative mechanisms and tools to engage the public. These tools ensure interaction from the community and promote visibility for the project. Focussed workshops allow a space to discuss and gather information but also attract core members and organisations in the community to raise awareness and understanding of the project. 

You Are Sauchiehall, Sauchiehall St Regeneration 


Over the next ten years, Glasgow City Council have an ambition to make the city a more people friendly place. To make this happen, they have commissioned a team led by Gehl Architects and Nick Wright Planning to develop a regeneration strategy for the next decade. The first part of the city centre to benefit will be around Sauchiehall Street, Garnethill and Charing Cross - a vibrant mix of nightlife, arts, shopping, flats, schools and colleges, which aims to be even better and more lively than it is now.


icecream architecture formed part of a wider team focussed on public engagement, reaching out to residents, businesses, institutions, and visitors of the district, with the aim of activating people and spaces in order to kickstart the regeneration. A series of focussed workshops was carried out, defining the district as it is today, and highlighting the ambition for the future.


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Do You Dorodango?

Make Your Way

In order to engage people of all ages icecream architecture set the 'Do You Dorodango? Challenge.' From October to February 2017 ica set the challenge to make 500 Dorodango. Dorodango or 'Mud Dumplings' is a Japanese process favoured by schoolchildren which involves the creation of spheres of mud which are then highly polished. Across Carluke, Glassford, Lanark, Larkhall and Stonehouse, ica challenged people to get out into their landscape and document the process of collecting and examining their soil sample.


icecream architecture worked with schools across the region along with developing a toolkit, to instruct on soil identification and how to create Dorodango.


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We use creative and engaging workshops to both gather information and encourage public ownership of the project. We pride ourselves in providing workshops which allow qualitative reportage and captivation.




We aspire to bring communities together and believe in integration and connections in a community lead to regeneration.

Balgrayhill Community Centre Community Consultation


icecream architecture have been working on behalf of the team at MsMissMrs CIC to understand local needs and aspirations for the Balgrayhill Community Centre (Springburn, Glasgow) with the aim of re-activating the local community to enfranchise and get the most out of the facility.Through a series of events, workshops and on-street engagement, the project aims to test ideas around how the local community would like to see the centre best used. Throughout the project the team will identify a body of local people driven to developing the centre in the future, facilitating the Community Asset Transfer of Balgrayhill Community Centre from the current management of Glasgow Life. 


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Active participation, community responsibility and open communication encourages an embedded ownership and the sustainability of the project.

We believe a project’s success is reliant on developing community ownership from the beginning.

Made in Stirling

icecream architecture facilitated the launch of the shop, which has now been trading for 2 years. icecream architecture has designed, facilitated and delivered the pop-up shop Made In Stirling in conjunction with StartUp Street Stirling, Stirling Creative Industries Forum and Stirling Council. Due to the success of the project, the initial 3-month brief has been extended into a permanent outlet for creatives, designers and local craftspeople to showcase and retail their produce.


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We aim to empower the communities and groups we work with so they have the confidence and support to think and act in an enterprising way. We aim through our work to reveal opportunities and suggest paths towards empowerment and enterprise. 

Stirling CityLab

We use creative thinking to provide solutions to economic problems. We connect people to allow resources to be shared, creating platforms to encourage visibility and boost economy. 

This for That


This for That is an online social exchange pilot platform, which aim is to stimulate a circular sharing economy across sectors. Organisations can offer their assets in return for desirable skills or resources from other groups, encouraging much-needed collaboration to sustain and strengthen organisations for the future.Whether it’s about finding the right community to share your skills with or the right cause to share your excess, This for That aims to map and connect organisations across sectors to exchange resources that they have / need. This for That facilitates you to have a measurable and tangible social impact through live analytics of your organisation’s transactions. By sharing resources across organisations, This for That will reduce spend on identifying CSR opportunities and the sustainable disposal of excess; from computers to empty desk space. 


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