In line with our wider ethos, we place people at the heart of our digital work. Used carefully, technology can take a project to the next level.

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Link up West Dunbartonshire

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We use public art and public interventions which change our social landscape. Our artists and designers use tools and creative thinking to engage the public. 




Bellahouston Worms2
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Make Your Way Bench Install

We aspire to bring communities together and believe in integration and connections in a community lead to regeneration.

Inverclyde Lighthouse Roadshow

Woodland View Gallery

Center for Contemporary Arts Parklet  


The CCA Parklet is a testing ground for the City to consider how public space can be adopted by citizens so as to inform longer-term, permanent public realm improvements. The parklet is one part of a wider public engagement project that Icecream worked on to understand how the Sauchiehall District could be regenerated. The design has been influenced by citizens throughout this process and has been translated from specific conversations the team have had with community members.


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Our services as consultants includes project branding, digital and print services, infographics, exhibition signage and making. Our designers make considered, eye catching and creative interpretations to encourage the visibility of a project. 

Past projects have also included a sole graphical outcome including the Only in Govan Book and Lingo Flamingo. 

Only in Govan 


Govan Cross Townscape Heritage Initiative (THI) commissioned icecream architecture to create this book over nine months, working entirely with local input and inspiration. This book is an interactive and involving, completely unique document, telling the significant, the forgotten and the inspiring memories of Govan. The book shows off the local secrets and details, which make this a place to be proud of. It exists both as a digital document and as 4,000 beautiful hard copies distributed to homes and households in Govan for free. The book was launched at the infamous Govan Fair on June 6th 2014.  


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