Generating action is our specialty. Through our action plans we generate pro-activity and responsiveness; we create actions which can be implemented by the community. Therefore changes can be seen on the ground encouraging participation and the continuation of those plans.










Denny Action Plans


In response to extensive community engagement led by icecream architecture in Denny for the development of the Denny Public Art Plan, an application was made in partnership with Falkirk Council to the Scottish Government National Charrette Mainstreaming Programme. To use the Charrette workshop framework as a stepping stone for realising the communities aspirations for their Town Centre.


The Denny Design Charrette took place over 3 days at the end of May 2015 following an active and engaging animation period that began in January 2015. From the Charrette a detailed Action Plan was devised from short to medium term options; the short term plans were given as a way of trialing future larger developments, ensuring it's success. £10,000 was secured through funding in order to give the community a chance to carry out these short term plans.  


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